Welcome to Himitsu Ramen

We bring the authentic taste of Japan directly to you. The word “Himitsu” means “secret” in Japanese, and that’s precisely what makes our ramen experience unique – it’s filled with surprises and hidden flavor sensations. Tucked away inside a historic building and located on the first floor, Himitsu Ramen is more than just a ramen bar – it’s your personal ramen oasis. Here, you can build your own bowl of ramen just the way you like it. Choose your favorite type of noodle, the base that best suits your taste, and top it off with toppings of your choice.

At Himitsu, we only use plant-based soup bases in our ramen. We stay away from heavy, meat-based alternatives like tonkotsu, setting us apart from other ramen restaurants. Our soup is made from carefully selected vegetables and mushrooms, providing a flavorful and hearty ramen experience.